Getting started with Echothread is quite simple. Once you've added the app to your Slack workspace, you'll have a new "Echothread" app available to invite into the channel you wish to publish. Once you've invited Echothread, it will return a URL where your content is being published.

Here's an example Echothread:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. First, install the Echothread app to your Slack workspace by going to and clicking "Add to Slack".

Alternatively, you can click this link: Add to Slack.

You'll be asked to log into Slack and select your workspace. Click "Authorize".

2. Invite the Echothread app into the channel you wish to publish. You can do this a few different ways.

If you've already created the channel, select that channel and send a slash command:

/invite @echothread

Or if you prefer, tap or click the channel name and select "Invite new members to join...":

Then start typing "echothread" and click "invite".

4. From there, the Echothread bot will be in your channel, and will return a URL.

5. Give your Slack channel a topic and purpose, which will be used as the page title and description.

6. Start Slack'ing! Anything you now post in that channel can be found at the URL Echothread returned.

Need More?

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